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NOHA: UMMUL BANEEN س | SHAHID BALTISTANI | 13 Jamad Us Sani 1440-2019

Bismi Rabbil Hussain as Ummul Baneen sa | Shahid Baltistani Nohay | New Noha 2009 / 1430 | Main Ummul Baneen sa Hun Logo, Abbas as Ki Main Maan Hun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Composed & Recited By | Shahid Baltistani Kalam Title | Main Ummul Baneen sa Hun Logo Poetry By | Mir Takallum Chorus By | Munawar Ali Khan, Rajab Ali Khan ,Sonu Monu Video | Maths Media Cover Design By | Baqir Baltistani Audio Recorded & Master/Mixing | ODS Studio Album | 2009 / 1430H Islamic Date | 13 Jama Us Sani 1430H. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Noha By Shahid Baltistani | on the Martyrdom of Bibi Ummul Baneen (س) Many condolences to Prophet Muhammad (saww) & Imam Ali (a.s) and especially to Imam e Zamana (AJF). #ShahidBaltistaniOfficial ‪‎#Subscribe #NohaUmmulBaneen Please Watch in HD Please/Like/Comment ‪#Share !! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Shahid Baltistani Official Networks All Social Media Channels :- F A C E B O O K : T W I T T E R : S O U N D C L O U D: Y o u T u b e : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- *shahid baltistani Keywords* shahid baltistani new noha shahid baltistani noha ummul baneen sa shahid baltistani urdu noha main ummul baneen sa hon logo noha by shahid baltistani 2009 new noha album by shahid baltistani ☆ ● Related Searches ● ☆ New noha bibi Ummul Baneen sa ● Hazrat bibi Ummul Baneen ● Hazrat bibi Ummul Baneen ka waqia ● Ummul Baneen sa Madar e Abbas Alamdar as ● Ayyam e fatemiya nohay ● Bibi Ummul Baneen ka noha ● Shahadat bibi Ummul Baneen s.a noha ● Main Ummul Baneen sa Hun Logo, Abbas as Ki Main Maan Hun Copyright strictly prohibited ⓒ. Copyright prohibited ⓒ - Shahid Baltistani Official