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Bismi Rabbil Hussain as ll ؑ یا محمدﷺ - یا علیؑ - یا فاطمہ س - یا حسن ؑ - یا حسین ll || Ya Mohammad saww - Ya Ali as - Ya Fatima sa - Ya Hasan as - Ya Hussain as || Reciter: SHAHID BALTISTANI Poet: Agha Saroosh Live: Houston TX, USA Cover Design By | Baqir Ali Baltistani Islamic Date | Muharram 1440 Hijri SEO & Graphics | Baqir Ali Baltistani ----------------------------------------------------- Naat By Shahid Baltistani | About Hazrat Mohammad ص On Jashan E Wiladat RASOOL E KHUDA ص On the Birth Occasion Of Hazrat Mohammad ص Many Wishes to Imam e Zamana (AJF). #SubScribe #ShahidBaltistani ‎#YaMohammad #ShahidBaltistaniOfficial #Naat #NewNaat2019 #Mohammadsaww #12RabbilAwal #Naat2019 Please Watch in #HD Please - #Like #Comment #Share !! -------------------------------- -------------------------------- Lyrics -------------------------------- -------------------------------- Naat Naat (Urdu: نعت‎) refers to poetry in praise of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. The practice is popular in South Asia (Bangladesh, Pakistan and India), commonly in Pashto, Bengali, Urdu or Punjabi language. People who recite Na'at are known as Naat Khawan or sana khwan. Exclusive "Praise to God" and God alone is called Hamd, not to be confused with 'Na'at', which contains "praise to The Prophet Muhammad".[1] In Arab countries, lyrics and praises said for the Muhammad are called Madih nabawi. It is difficult to trace the history of Na'at khawani since no authenticated record of when it was initiated can be found. One early author, Hassan, was known as Shair-e-Darbaar-e-Risalat. Even before accepting Islam he was a poet, but after embracing Islam he gave a new turn to his poetry and started writing Na'ats in honor of Muhammad.[2] He was famous for his poetry that defended Muhammad in response to rival poets who attacked him and his religion. Therefore, Hassan is known as the first sana-khawaan (na'at reciter) of that time. After that many a poet followed this trend and totally dedicated themselves towards writing of na'ats. Tala' al Badru 'Alayna, a song sung to Muhammad during his completion of migration to Medina in 622 CE, is believed to be one of the earliest na'ats. Keywords naat e rasool naat e rasool naat a paak, naat sharif, naat e rasul, naat e rasool allah naat, naat e rasool ki naat, bangla naat naat e rasool, hindi naat naat e rasool, naat e rasool maqbool, naat e rasool allah, naat e rasool all, naat e rasool best, naat e rasool full movie naat e rasool e maqbool naat e rasool 2018 naat e rasool urdu naat e rasool maqbool 2018 naat e rasool e maqbool collection naat a rasool e ameen naat a rasool e amin Shahid Baltistani Keywords Karbala Walay Hussain (as) Hash Tag #naat #naaterasool #shahidbaltistani #YaMohammad #yarasoolallah #rabiulawal #punjabinaat #hazratmuhammad #yamuhammad #yarasoolallah #nasheed #islamicnasheed #HashTags For User! #Naat #Manqabat #Nohay ● Please Watch in #HD ● ================= Copyright prohibited ⓒ - Shahid Baltistani Official