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Bismi Rabbil Hussain as ll ؑ یا محمدﷺ - یا علیؑ - یا فاطمہ س - یا حسن ؑ - یا حسین ll || Ya Mohammad saww - Ya Ali as - Ya Fatima sa - Ya Hasan as - Ya Hussain as || Noha Shahadat BIBI Sakina | Nohay 2019 | Bibi Sakina ki Zindagi | Documentary About Bibi Sakina | Masaib Bibi Sakina - Bibi Sakina - Sakina sa Ki Turbat Banatey Banatey | Shahid Baltistani Noha 2012-2013 | New Nohay 2018 | Noha Shahadat Bibi Sakina sa 13 Safar | Nohay 2019 | Bibi Sakina sa ki Zandagi | Documentary About Bibi Sakina sa | Masaib Bibi Sakina sa- Shahzadi Sakina sa Qaidi | Documentary About Zindaan e Shaam ------------------------------------------------ LIVE 🔴 SHAHID BALTISTANI Sakina sa Ki Turbat Banatey Banatey Program: SHAB-E-AZA BY PAASBAN-E-AZA'A, HOUSTON TX USA AT: AL-GHADEER FOUNDATION, HOUSTON TX USA ----------------------------------------------------- Noha By Shahid Baltistani | About Shahzadi Sakina sa Shahadat Bibi Sakeena sa On the Martyrdom Of Bibi Sakina sa Many Condolences to Prophet Muhammad (Saww) and Hazrat Fatima Zahra(SA) and Especially to Imam e Zamana (AJF). #SubScribe #ShahidBaltistani ‎#BibiSakina #Nohay2012 #NewNoha2018 #BibiSakeena #13Safar #Nohay2019 Please Watch in #HD Please - #Like #Comment #Share !! #Muharram ##Nohay2012 #Nohay2019 #YaHussain #ImamSajjad #BibiZainab (sa) #ImamAli #BibiSakina #Shahadat #Ashura #10Muharram #Arbaeen #SAKINA_kI_TURBAT #BibiSakinaس #SHAHIDBALTISTANI ------------------------------------------ ●● NOHA LYRICS ● ● --------------------------- -------------------------- Who is Bibi Sakina S.a Bibi #Sakina was the youngest daughter of Imam #Hussain. She was a vivacious child, full of love and happiness. Everyone loved Sakina. She was also a very religious girl. She enjoyed reading the Holy Quraan and never missed her prayers. From the age of two she took great care to make sure that her head and face were properly covered when in public. Then came the time when the earth shook and Sakina became an orphan! But even then she always thought of the others first. She would console her mother on the death of Ali Asghar and when she saw any other lady or child weeping Sakina would put her little arms around her. Yes Sakina never again asked anyone for water. Bibi Zainab would persuade her to take a few sips, but she herself would never ask for water or complain of thirst!!!! Then one dreadful night Sakina went to bed on the cold floor of the prison. For a long time she stared into the darkness! The time for the morning prayers came. Sakina was still lying with her eyes wide open. Her mother called out: “Wake up, Sakina! Wake up, it is time for prayers, my child!” There was only the painful silence! Our fourth Imam walked up to where Sakina lay. He put his hand on her forehead. It was cold! He put his hand near the mouth and the nose. Sakina had stopped breathing. In between sobs Imam Zain ul 'Abideen said: “inna lil-Lahi wa inna ilay-hi raja’uun.” YouTube Keywords bibi sakina, bibi sakina noha, bibi sakina roza, bibi sakina ka roza, bibi sakina ka noha, bibi sakina masaib, bibi sakina ka waqia, bibi sakina mojza, bibi sakina ki kahani, bibi sakina story in urdu, bibi sakina all nohay, bibi sakina s.a, bibi sakina bayan, bibi sakina by mehrban ali, bibi sakina ka bayan, bibi sakina roza bomb blast, sakina bibi kay bain, bibi sakina documentary, bibi sakina death date, bibi sakina death scene, bibi sakina death, dua bibi sakina, roza e bibi sakina, masaib e bibi sakina, ziarat e bibi sakina, zindan e bibi sakina, bibi sakina face, bibi sakina noha farhan ali waris, farsi noha bibi sakina, farhan ali bibi sakina, noha for bibi sakina, bibi sakina grave, bibi sakina ka ghar, bibi sakina history, hazrat bibi sakina roza, hashmi sisters bibi sakina, bibi sakina in zindaan, bibi sakina in karbala, bibi sakina in zindan, bibi sakina movie in urdu, bibi sakina story in hindi, bibi sakina ka roza mubarak, bibi sakina ki shahadat, lori bibi sakina, life of bibi sakina, bibi sakina marsiya, bibi sakina mazar, bibi sakina mazar sharif, bibi sakina matam, bibi sakina noha 2018, Hash Tag #muharram1440 #bibisakina #nohabibisakina #hayesakina #nohabibisakina #nohaalbum2018 #punjabinoha #hayesakina #bibisakinashahadat #molasajjad #molahussain #urdunoha #HashTags For User! #Naat #Manqabat #Nohay ● Please Watch in #HD ● ================= Copyright prohibited ⓒ - Shahid Baltistani Official