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Bismi Rabbil Hussain as ll ؑ یا محمدﷺ - یا علیؑ - یا فاطمہ س - یا حسن ؑ - یا حسین ll || Ya Mohammad saww - Ya Ali as - Ya Fatima sa - Ya Hasan as - Ya Hussain as || ~~ New Nohay 2018 | Fikr-e-Iqbal - Bayan Sir e Shahadat Ki Ager Tafseer Hojaey | Shahid Baltistani New Noha | Muharram 1440H Nohay | Noha Shahadat Imam Hussain as | Nohay 2019 | Imam Hussain ki Zindagi | Documentary About Imam Hussain | Masaib Mola Hussain - Imam Hussain - ------------------------------------------------ Composed & Recited by | SHAHID BALTISTANI Kalam Title | Bayan Sir e Shahadat Ki Ager Tafseer Hojaey , Musalmano Ka Qibla Roza e Shabbir as Hojaye Album: Qabr Aur Darvaish 2007-08 Poetry By | Dr. Rehan Azmi Chorus By | Munawar Ali Khan Rajab Ali Khan , Amanat Ali Khan , Ghulam Abbas Khan Audio | ODS Karachi Re-Edit Video by: Baqir Ali Baltistani Cover Design By | Baqir Ali Baltistani Album | 2007 - 2008/1429 Hijri Islamic Date | Muharram 1429 Hijri SEO & Graphics | Baqir Ali Baltistani ----------------------------------------------------- Noha By Shahid Baltistani | About Imam Hussain as Shahadat Mola Hussain as On the Martyrdom Of Imam Hussain as Many Condolences to Prophet Muhammad (Saww) and Hazrat Fatima Zahra(SA) and Especially to Imam e Zamana (AJF). #SubScribe #ShahidBaltistani ‎#ImamHussain #ShahidBaltistaniOfficial #Nohay2007 #NewNoha2018 #ImamHasan #28Safar #Nohay2019 Please Watch in #HD Please - #Like #Comment #Share !! #Muharram ##Nohay2010 #Nohay2019 #YaHussain #ImamSajjad #BibiZainab (sa) #ImamAli #ImamHussain #Shahadat #Ashura #10Muharram #Arbaeen #FikreIqbal #SHAHIDBALTISTANI ------------------------------------------ ●● NOHA LYRICS ● ● --------------------------- -------------------------- Who is Mola Imam Hussain A.s Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad took a stand against Yazid’s illegitimate rule. Whilst Yazid was in equal parts feared and despised for his ruthlessness, Hussain was admired and respected by society at large. Mindful of this, Yazid decided that he would demand Hussain’s allegiance, hoping to gain some form of legitimacy for his inherited rule. Hussain had a choice to make. To endorse Yazid would no doubt mean a handsome reward and a life of luxury. To refuse would invariably lead to his own demise. What should he do? What would you or I do? For Hussain the choice between the easy thing and the right thing was no choice at all. Hussain refused. He said: “I will never give Yazid my hand like a man who has been humiliated, nor will I flee like a slave… I have not risen to spread evil or to show off… I only desire to enjoin good values and prevent evil.” That night Hussain assembled his group, stressing to them that it was his life that Yazid wanted and that they might be able to escape. Again, Hussain’s selflessness shone through. There he stood, amongst his family and companions, all having been deprived of water in the scorching desert for three days, pleading with them to leave him and save themselves! Throughout the day the forces of Yazid asked Hussain for his allegiance, yet Hussain resisted. Eventually Hussain was alone with no one left to support him. Fatigued, thirsty, and heavily wounded, Hussain fell to the ground as the women and children looked on. He too was killed mercilessly, yet he died holding on firmly to his principles. YouTube Keywords Imam Hussain as About Imam Hussain as History Imam Hussain as Imam Hussyn as Allama Iqbal Poetry Karbala Shahid Baltistani | BABA MAIN LUT GAE | New Noha | 2018 / 1440 BAZAAR | Shahid Baltistani New Noha 2018-19 / 1440H | Noha Bibi Zainab | Nohay 2019 WO HAATH KAT GAEY | Shahid Baltistani New Noha 2018-19 | Muharram 1440H Nohay | Nohay 2019 MERE GHAREEB HUSSAIN - SHAHID BALTISTANI - Nohay 2018 - New Noha 2018-19 - Nohay 2019 21 Ramzan Noha | ALI UN WALI ULLAH | SHAHID BALTISTANI | 2018 Shahid Hussain Baltistani | Kalam: Bhaiyya Aagai Zainab sa | Album: Areeza-e-Darvaish | 2017-18 Shahid Hussain Baltistani | Taboot e Mohammad SAWW | 2017-18 Shahid Hussain Baltistani | Areeza e Darvaish | 2017-18 Shahid Hussain Baltistani | Aao Abbas as | 2017-18 shahid baltistani 2018 shahid baltistani 2017 shahid baltistani 2016 shahid baltistani 2015 shahid baltistani 2014 shahid baltistani 2013 shahid baltistani 2012 shahid baltistani 2011 shahid baltistani 2010 shahid baltistani old nohay shahid baltistani 2009 Google Keywords Allama Iqbal Poetry About Allama Iqbal History Of Allama Iqbal Imam Hussain as Poetry Of Iqbal Hash Tag #muharram1440 #bibisakina #nohaimamHasan #hayehasan #nohamolahasan #nohaalbum2018 #punjabinoha #molasajjad #molahussain #urdunoha #HashTags For User! #Naat #Manqabat #Nohay ● Please Watch in #HD ● ================= Copyright prohibited ⓒ - Shahid Baltistani Official